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Sid Khan
Head Coach

Boxing for Earlsfield many times Sid became a coach at the early age of 19, eventually becoming head coach with Lenny Jackson Junior soon after Jackson Senior died 20 years ago. Since taking the reigns Sid has never looked back. Once a small club outsized by the likes of Battersea in the South West he has helped make Earlsfield grow into one of the major clubs in London. In fact you’d be hard pressed to find a coach in the country who hasn’t heard of Earlsfield ABC.

Although he’s been around for so many years Sid still believes he is learning; ‘As
a coach you’re learning all the time. There are things that change, like the size of gloves, the introduction of head guards, scoring…! You need to adapt to these things.’ One thing that hasn’t changed however is Sid’s philosophy on how to box. 'The Baics' play a key role in the training of his boxers. A firm believer in straight punching, Earlsfield boxers are all expected to know how to throw a good jab and straight and are also expected to develop and maintain a high level of fitness. This of course is after they learn how to defend.

Bob Pearson

Though it is Sid Kahn who most associate with Earlsfield, Bob Pearson’s involvement in the club outdates Sid’s, in fact Bob even outdates the building that has been the home of Earlsfield boxers for three decades.

Bob was a schoolboy champion for Earlsfield, boxing both as a Junior and Senior whilst Earlsfield’s home was still the Deerhurst Working Mans Club. Eventually moving to Wandsworth ABC when the club would not enter him into senior championships. After seeing Lenny Jackson Senior at a Battersea club show Bob was soon back at Earlsfield’s doors after being invited down to give coaching a go.

In his time as coach Bob jumped between Earlsfield and Battersea and then back again. It seems that Bob is here to stay. Why wouldn’t he want to stay, after all in his own words ‘all Earlsfield boxers are really good lads. Its always been the Earlsfield philosophy – if your rude your out’.

Eric Ghandi
Fitness Coach

Eric started boxing late in life at the age of 21. Winning his first 6 fights with Earlsfield including wining the 1993 London novices. He then decide to move to the Lynn Abc as they had 3 of the best super heavys in the country there, Danny Williams,Danny watts,Harry senior. Eric Boxed 4 times for them including South east London finals, then decided to have a break from boxing and concentrated more on my 2nd love running (3 x London Marathons)

10 years later Eric bumped into Fellow trainer Bob who was coaching at Battersea abc and decided to have another go at it wining the s/west London finals only to get Stopped in the London Finals via a "Nosebleed".

Eric had been teaching Boxercise and keep fit in schools since and thought he had found a really talented lad so asked Sid if it was possible to bring him down just for "one night" and he would sit and watch, Sid said don't just sit there,you can help out for the night, FIVE YEARS LATER, Eric is still here, now a coach at Earlsfield.

Andy Stables

Andy first started boxing in 1984 for Devonport ABC, he boxed 114 times for Devonport before moving to London in 2000. Boxing for Repton just once, Andy then trained at balham before finding Earlsfield with whom he had 12 bouts, his last bout was november 2005.

Andy reached the senior ABA 1/4 finals 3 times and was Western counties champion 3 times. He has always enjoyed his boxing and really enjoys coaching, which is still relativly new to him. Andy's coaching stlye is similar to that of Sids - the key to boxing is sticking to the basics, moving and jabbing.

Andy believes the ten most important two letter words you will ever need are " if it is to be it is up to me"