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our history

Formed in 1946 by senior official and British Railway Champ Bill Parmett, Earlsfield Amateur Boxing Club was originally homed in a scout hut at the back of Earlsfield Primary School. After a few years the club grew in popularity and was no longer able to fit within the confines of the scout hut. Moving to Deerhurst Working Men’s Club Earlsfield reached new levels of success with various Champions and ABA Finalists including:

Ron Garnett
Ron Perrin
Freddy Woodman
Gary Leverton
Don Cockell
Mike Barrett
Patt Passley
Jim Walker

In 1971 Earlsfield was once again looking for a new residence after the Deerhurst Working Mens Club threw them out. This is when Earlsfield ABC finally found their home in Garratt Lane, ironically at an address within the boarders of Wandsworth. Then still belonging to the Church of England the boxing club was given the smaller of two main rooms within the building.

Upon Bill Parmett’s exit the club entered a new decade with long serving committee member Lenny Jackson Senior becoming Head Coach. Jackson Sr helped develop many top boxers, none more noteworthy then Frank Bruno, who was eventually and rather unfortunately sent to a larger club (once common practise in boxing).

When Lenny Jackson Sr died in 1986 his son Lenny Jackson Junior and Sid Khan took the reigns. It is perhaps then that the club grew to the heights that now make Earlsfield one of the major London Clubs. Modern champions include:

Richard Williams
Arron Khan
Bradley Skeete
David Khan
Kirk Garvey

Taking over the entire church building Earlsfield now boasts one of the largest and most impressive gyms in London. Sid Khan, now the sole head coach, is doing a brilliant job at maintaining the clubs great reputation. Long may his reign continue.
Help Us Fill The Gaps

This is a very brief history of Earlsfield ABC. We were unable to fill in a lot of the gaps and include so many of its great boxers due to lack of documentation. If anyone knows of any relevant information that has not been included please get in contact with us. We would like to make this history as in depth as possible and give justice to all those who helped make the club what it is today.


Massive thanks to all our sponsors who have enabled us to create this website. Big thanks go to Colin Kelly at Trust Scaffolding who has provided great support to Earlsfield ABC for many years. Thanks also go out Capital Locksmiths, Boundary Autos and all those who donated money to the club to help build this website and provide the gym with much needed cash.

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